Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Suzie Bongwater?

I don’t like to get political because tempers always seem to flare, but per request I must write about this subject; marijuana.  More specifically….the legalization of marijuana…. Hmmm… where do I begin?

I guess I would like to start out by saying that I really don’t like potheads.  Most of them just really annoy me with their red beady eyes and their desire to philosophy about the meaning of cheese—the point is that they philosophy about random things that don’t make sense but do if you are high.  I mean all they do is sit around and talk about how awesome being high is and how clear everything is while high and it’s as if their world is better with weed...  On that note, there is a whole industry based around these types of people.  I mean Taco Bell branded a “fourth meal” that was directly targeted towards fat people that get late night munchies, and indirectly fixed at potheads who get late night munchies.  You aren’t fooling anyone Taco Bell.  It’s a win/win for you, isn’t it?

I guess I can say that I’m forgainst the legalization of marijuana.  Yes, it would be a billion dollar industry that would almost completely bring down our budget deficit if our government distributed it with a high tax, and it would also eliminate Mexican cartel smuggling it into our borders.  Fast food and Doritos sales will sky-rocket, hippies will rejoice, I will puke at the site and stench of all the unclean hairy hippies before me, and it would help clear out our prisons of petty criminals opening it up for the real bad guys.

On the other hand, there would be a bunch of dirty zombie potheads crowding my Taco Bell when I get my crunch wrap supreme snack on…

Hmmm…. I will just stick with for and against (forgainst), and let the powers that be decide…


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a low opinion of potheads. I really hate smelling the stuff in public spaces, because I get the urge to vomit. If people want to dope-out in the privacy of their own homes, fine...but don't bring it into the public sphere!

    And yeah, their over-philosophizing does get a bit annoying. I've never been one for constant navel-gazing. However, Taco Bell was my food of choice in college, and I certainly did not smoke any marijuana (besides my personal aversion to the stuff, it was also forbidden by the university's honour code). I've proudly given up Taco Bell for the much superior Taco Del Mar!

  2. I hate the smell of pot, it smells like ruined soured baloney and makes me nauseated, and I agree Jessica, potheads are intellectual sounding only to themselves/

  3. There is a perception that this drug is not "addictive" because there is no physical addiction. I get extremely frustrated at this mentality because addiction is a behavior/mental issue. Potheads seem to feel a sense of entitlement that it is ok to be high all of the time and in public. It is sooo anoying. If you can't control yourself, just like with drinking, then you are an addict.

    I have no problem with people doing it in the privacy of their own homes and many people are very mature about it. It's the whole worship of being high that I think is horrible for our society.

    That's my opinionated vomit all over your blog.