Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dear Nickelback, Please Stop...

On a website that I just came across called, I know I’m slow at catching on to things sometimes, I found an amazing little tidbit. 

It reads:

                        “Dear Nickelback,

                                                That’s Enough

                                                                Sincerely, The World.”

I find this extremely hilarious; however, some people took a lot of offense to this.  One commenter even compared Nickelback and Hinder to the Beatles!!!  Yeah, I know… Crazy, right?  Below I have posted my response to this ludicrous claim…

I just barfed a little bit. Nickelback is nothing like the Beatles- Blasphemy. Nickelback is what I like to call transitional rock, as in; it's a transition between rock and country. The only people that like it are people that don't avidly listen to rock music or good music on that note (da dun chhh), and mostly listen to country. If you have any musical talent, or a brain, you can see that they are terrible. I liked them when I was an adolescent, and I believe that's saying enough.  My brain wasn’t developed enough for me to make any kind of informative decision about anything, much less music, and that’s why adolescents tend to enjoy the horrific sounds of Nickelback. It's equivalent to finding Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber's music enthralling. It just doesn't make sense for a grown adult that doesn't listen to country to like this mess. By the way, I joined a group on Facebook 5 years ago to abolish Nickleback, and donated 5 dollars. I still haven't seen a return on my investment; we should all do something about that. People that listen to Nickelback usually still rock out to AC/DC, and think that they are awesome. You are not sir, you look like a douche and you need a shower. I am not saying that I don’t enjoy AC/DC at times, but I would rather listen to something better, like the Beatles that were blasphemed earlier in this post by an unnamed individual.

Also, I would like to put other bands in this same transitional music category, but I think I’ve already said too much.   

Sweep the leg, Johnny.

The end.


  1. Not even people who are actually avid country music fans like Nickelback...

    Nickelback fans are a different breed of people altogether who generally enjoy bad music, of which there is in every genre.

    I like country...but only the good kind.

    But I like your post :-)

  2. I like country, too. I'm not trying to diss country... it just played into my rant :)