Thursday, December 15, 2011

Enlighten me…no wait… please stop

There’s a growing trend amongst fellow Facebookers that must stop immediately before I have to block 98% of my daily News Feed.  Let’s get real… I spend about 15 minutes a day catching up on what others are doing via the Facebook feed just like the rest of you.  How am I supposed to do this if it’s littered with senseless inspirational quotes like “Only you know the truth, so listen to yourself”? 

I feel like Facebook news feed has become a proverbial cubical inspirational poster but instead of a cute kitten hanging off a cliff meowing “hang in there”, there’s a sensitive douche bag telling me to look within to find the cure for my unhappiness.  And, to that I tell him that’s what donuts are for.

Any idiot can Google a quote, copy and paste it to their status, and get an honest 3 to 5 comments and 7 likes.  And when you add fuel to this falsified intelligence fire by commenting, you’re making some college frat boy think that he’s the next Nietzsche…

If you want to enlighten the masses, go to a more egotistical social networking site… like Twitter.  Leave your mock intelligence at the Facebook door, it’s not welcome here. 

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